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Some references and web sites



I hope that you want now begin to rear snail !

You need a more important documentation to understand problems, to make good choices, and to know other farming methods.

Unfortunately, I never read any book in English on the matter. But if you visit the websites below you'll find references.

 Here are most informative web sites    



web sites :

Istituto Internazionale di Elicicoltura

Italian snail farmers have an other rearing method. This site, with an English version, explains that. And you will can download a magazine for free.    Very interesting !


breeding and growing snails commercially in Australia by B. Murphy

It's a report for Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation which investigates the feasibility of establishing an economically viable edible snail industry in Australia. It includes information on growing and breeding snails on a commercial level and so it's very usefull for everybody of all Countries ! The most informative free document I found in English ! Thank you M. Murphy and RIRDC !


The Alternative Farming Systems Information Center      

National Agricultural Library (USA)

An other informative site ! I don’t agree with all cited numbers, which date from some years, but, if you want to start snail farming in commercial purposes, you have to visit this site ! You will find also a lot of references.      Indispensable !



There are also commercial sites of snail farms, research notes of some laboratories...

I give you all these links on a special page : [ click here ]

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