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Escargot Passion



Excessive gathering, pollution, intensive agriculture have largely contributed to rarefaction of edible snails in the wild, here in France, and in many Countries.

Thus, there were new attempts of breeding our two main species: the Burgundy snail (Helix pomatia) and the Petit-Gris (Helix aspersa).

Today farming techniques exist and we can say that domestication of Petit-Gris is approached (not yet Burgundy).

But an important project is now to aim: creating some races which are both well adapted for breeding and better for Consumers.

I have bred snail in an experimental way for years...

I have selected and crossed Petit-Gris since 1985 and I think I have obtained that will be perhaps one of the first snail breeding races; I call it Blond des Flandres


All you want to know is here, except economic point of view :

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Burgundy snail (shell mesuring about 1 3/4 in)

a beautiful specimen of Helix Pomatia (the Burgundy)...

...but the Petit-Gris (Helix aspersa) is better for rearing

Petit-Gris snail or brown garden snail ( shell mesuring about 1 1/4 in)


and the strain "Blond des Flandres" of this species is really so beautiful... isn't it ?

Blond des Flandres snail (shell mesuring about 2 in)


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